10 biggest mistakes when eating healthy

By March 13, 2017Health & Fitness

The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying To Eat Healthy

  1. Going Low Fat – Fat is considered sacrilege in the “health” world. Where did this bad wrap come from? Is it because we think “eat fat, get fat”? Or because fat is higher in calories per gram than protein and carbs? For whatever reason, not all fat is bad…In fact, we NEED it or your good cholesterol cops a beating (and we definitely don’t want that). Remember when choosing ‘low fat’ options someone in a white coat somewhere in the world has changed that very product you’re spooning down your throat.
  1. Making drastic changes over night – It always baffles me why someone who has had poor dietary habits for 15+ years want to switch overnight to drinking green tea and kombucha and while eating sauerkraut dressed with seaweed. I’m sorry to break it to you, making such drastic changes is NOT sustainable and will most likely set you further back when you give in to temptation while watching The Bachelor. I can’t think of a more applicable children’s story than the “Tortoise and the Hare” to insert here. Changing habits is a marathon, not a sprint.
  1. Not having enough Fruit and Vegetables – Are they really that hard to eat? Surely there is something with colour that grows from the earth that you like? If so, eat it. Eat it every day to start with if you must. Increasing your veggies will help provide your body power charged nutrients to keep you fuller, increase energy and to increase health on a cellular level. Remember most of us are full and satisfied but starving due to the lack of nutrients. That’s a dangerous place to be people.
  1. Not drinking enough water – This is the BEST supplement you could ever take. You know the stuff…the little droplets that “falls” from the sky is SUPER important for whole bunch of reasons. Also, this power supplement aids in weight loss. So drink up people.
  1. Choosing “diet” foods – Big company marketing tactics got you again right? This craze of “diet, low fat, reduced calories, 97% fat free, fat free, slim, trim, 3% fat, lite, baked and not fried, no added sugar, all natural etc etc etc. has to end. It’s simple… foods that have marketing claims such as these have been altered by that white coat guy in some factory again. Try to use whole foods where possible to avoid all that confusion and hours wasted on label reading.
  1. Tell yourself “I CHOOSE not to eat that” rather than “I can’t eat that” – Let’s say this one is a mental strategy many have had success with. If you’re at home resting on the couch, or watching a movie, or dining out with friends, generally this environment demands naughty foods right? It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, even calling them “naughty foods” promotes a negative relationship with food. In brief, if you make a conscious decision that you CHOOSE not to have that dessert, or that chocolate, or that ice cream rather than feeling restricted and telling yourself that you “can’t” enables a much better mindset around food. Your thoughts are your actions!
  1. Following the latest celebrity diet craze – Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic diet, zone diet, if it fits your macros, gluten free, sugar free, high protein/low carb, high carb/low fat, cleanse diet, soup diet, fruitarian…No wonder we’re all so damn confused. Even I am looking at some of the fads out there. To put it simply…The best nutrition plan is one that you can stick to while providing your body health on a cellular level. Don’t get caught up in the anecdotal evidence that worked for some celebrity, coach, fitness model, friend or family. It must feel right FOR YOU! Learn self-assessment and listen to your body.
  1. Taking the latest diet pill or powder that guarantees you shred 30kg’s of fat in 3 days. Once again, humans get sucked into the latest super supplement via clever marketing from companies with BIG budgets. If you don’t want your bubble busted again then please don’t read on. There is no such thing as the ultimate fat loss pill or powder. It’s simply persistence and consistency. So stop flushing away your hard-earned money (because that is literally where ends up) and invest in a quality Coach or Dietitian to assist with your fitness needs. You’ll end up saving money.
  1. Telling ourselves Carbs are the enemy – Carbs ARE NOT the enemy. Having a loaf of bread, 4 scrolls from baker’s delight, bowl of mac and cheese and 8 slices of pizza in one day is too many carbs (unless you’re an ultra-distance runner). What most don’t realise is that there is carbs in most packaged foods and as a society we consume these like we’re being invaded by another world and need to go into “lock down”. Like any food group…if you have too much of something it will throw out your internal system. Just be mindful and consume in moderation. You need these for liver, brain and muscle function.
  1. Going on a “diet” – Coming back to that mental strategy as mentioned above. If someone says to you “I’m going on a diet as of Monday”. I’m assuming your immediate thoughts are “it’s going to be hard”. “You’re going to need to restrict yourself”. “You’re going to be drinking juices all day”. “You’re not going to fun to hang around anymore” etc etc etc. Can you see the negative connotations to “going on a diet”? Why not approach it in a way that seem less like hell and more pleasurable. Maybe start with a few simple switches on brands ie table salt for pink salt or increasing water, or having fruit and nuts at snack time instead of cookies and a large cappuccino with caramel syrup.


Thanks for reading and hope you can truly start and cement a healthy lifestyle.


Jason Clark – Co Founder Perform360

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