3 Must Use Tips For New Years Resolutions

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3 Tips to ensure you achieve your New Years Resolutions

What is it about the turn of a new calendar year that makes us want to set new goals to achieve great things?

  • Is it the clean slate approach?
  • Is it the opportunity for a fresh start?
  • Is it that we have more time to think and reflect during the holiday season and figure out what’s really important and what matters most?
  • Is it that we want to leave bad thoughts, feelings and decisions behind us?
  • Or do we want to resolve unfinished business?

I think you would agree that it’s probably the majority of these things! Reflect on how good it felt to be in control of setting a plan for the year ahead. The purpose of this blog is to ensure you don’t come crashing down with the 92% of the population that fail their New Years Resolutions.

Here are 3 strong and practical tips that will ensure you fight to keep your place in the 8% of people that can reflect on the previous year feeling content in your achievement.

  1. Make Your Resolutions Realistic


Too many of us shoot for the stars on this one and end up in the clouds. Setting unrealistic goals and expectations can be dangerous physically and morally demeaning. We need direction and we need a challenge, so rather than just setting a long-term end goal, break it down and use each step as a win. However slow, it’s still one step closer to the aim and eventually you will get there by acknowledging the smaller achievements along the way. It’s much easier to push a boulder up a hill if it has momentum rather than pushing it from a static start. If it stops for a second then it’s extremely hard to get it moving again and this is where most people give up or even go backwards. Now pushing boulders for some may be unrealistic J, a better example would be if you couldn’t jog more than 2km without stopping then setting a New Years Resolution to do a marathon by June is dangerous as the time frame is too small for the effort you would need to invest in seeing this goal through. Committing to a local, organised park fun run over consecutive months is much more realistic – it gives you a challenge and it provides direction without being unattainable within that time frame. You will also feel accomplished by being able to complete it. Build from there and sure enough it can lead into longer distances, but committing to every one of those events and achieving it, will feel just as satisfying as a marathon.

2. Nominate A Support Network


Don’t just think about this one, really sit down and decide who you will need around you to keep you on track when shit gets real tough – and it will! How much better does it feel knowing you are working in a team or being in a space where you are motivated by the people that surround you, especially if you are having a bad day. Any successful company or sporting team attributes the teamwork of many professionals as integral to their structure. Achieving New Years Resolutions is no different. Align yourself with people who you know will support and encourage you while you’re on your path to achieving what’s important to you. This may also be an opportunity to remove yourself from people you perceive to not have your best interest at heart and seek more positive associations (time for a Facebook friends cull?). It is interesting if you start with a positive intent, the right people will align themselves with your energy – go on and try it!

3. Belief and Visualisation


If you can’t perceive where you want to end up, then it won’t materialise. Take the time and really see yourself in the picture of where you want to be – go into as much detail as you can (what’s the colour of your shoes? how are you standing? What would that feel like?). The art of clear visualisation or meditation if you want to call it that creates a time of still, quiet and focus. Everyday life we battle to block out distraction, this is the one moment you can give your future the opportunity to be heard in your own voice. There are a plethora of books explaining the power of the subconscious brain and how finding a mere 3-5min a day to center your thoughts triggers a productive response. When your subconscious and conscious brain starts aligning in the same direction the wheels are set in motion and you will be astounded by the results.

Remember that a life without inspiration, a fulfilled purpose or direction is a hard way to live. No amount of salad, smoothies, workouts, kids, houses, shoes or financial security can make that go away. You can’t experience true optimal health without passion, purpose and inspiration. Don’t let yourself fall into this way of living as the year rolls on because somehow, in the moment, it seems safer and easier than attempting to be part of the 8% of people that succeed their New Years Resolutions.

If you wish for more guidance or assistance with any of the above please don’t hesitate to reach out and email us at admin@perform-360.com.au. We nominate ourselves to start your support network!

Cheers to your happiest healthiest 2k16

Jason Clark -Co Founder of Perform360