Five Tips To A Healthy Xmas

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5 Tips YOU NEED to STAY on track this Christmas

Why do we dub this time of year the ‘Silly Season’?

It is very possible to enjoy the company of our friends and family without over indulging on poor quality foods and over consuming alcohol. We manage to do this reasonably well all year round, yet why is it that as soon as December arrives we seem to ‘get silly’ and let go of all our healthy habits?

Think back to the last few Christmases – how have you managed them in the past? Chances are you regret your actions in the New Year, so why do so many of us still continue to do it? Is it a stress relief? Is it because your family and peers do it? Are there automatically more reasons to celebrate? Is it because your exercise decreases? Do you have more time? There are many contributing factors that lead to us being too relaxed over the holiday season but it doesn’t have to be and we want to make this year different for you – and its start with stopping the BLAME GAME.

At Perform360 we are firm believers that balance in training and nutrition is crucial for longevity and contentment. So this year, if you choose to maintain a good level of exercise and decent nutrition then you need to stop making excuses, and take responsibility by forming a strategy in advance.

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  1. Keep exercising/moving – Most people have more time over the holiday season so why do we sit around watching the Netflix (or Cricket!) all day? This is a fantastic opportunity to schedule in more sessions and be accountable to your diary.
  2. Exercise as early as possible after rising – Do your workouts in the morning, there will be fewer interruptions and you can plan the rest of your day. As soon as you lose the structure of work, planned PM sessions are likely to be missed with impromptu social engagements or you just don’t feel up to it.
  3. Layout your finger food/snacks on a plate – When you are at social occasions and not in control of food available, put your chosen snacks on a plate instead of ‘eating as you go’. It’s much easier to be mindful of your total food consumption when it is laid out in front of you. Stick to ONE nibbles plate and then hold out until the main course.
  4. Increase your water consumption – Christmas in Australia can be extremely hot and humid so you must be mindful to increase your water intake. Your thirst should be a great indicator to increase this consumption. Also, by adding more fluids you will be less likely to feel hungry and snack on poor quality foods. Jazz it up by squeezing some fresh lime or place some lemon slices in mineral water.
  5. Start creating your Support Network – If you really want to maintain good levels of health over this period then associating yourself with friends and family who have the same goals, objectives and approach as you can serve great benefits. It’s common knowledge that humans who join together and support each other produce far better results. Start thinking now who could be in your support network.

Christmas is a lovely and fun time of year and we encourage you to experience it in its fullest with the reminder not to forget the results your have achieved so far.   We hope you start thinking of ways to implement your Silly Season tips to keep your results on track and we welcome more tips and comments on the P360 forum from you to help the team!

Let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas – aside the copious amounts of food and ridiculous material gift giving is an underlying message of sharing health, hope, peace and joy amongst your loved ones, often the ultimate gifts are the things that money can’t buy.

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Wishing you sincerely a wonderful Christmas from all the team at Perform360