5 tips for perfect Salmon

By July 10, 2017Health & Fitness

5 tips from expert Chef to Preparing and Cooking your Salmon – Matt Fury from Hummingbird House Charity


  1. Buy a quality piece of salmon that is a even thickness, no slime and a nice rich orange colour.


  1. The skin protects the fish when pan frying.You can always take it off after cooking if you are not wanting to eat it. This allows fish to stay really moist.


  1. When white drops start to appear at the meeting point of the fish and the tray when baking your fish, it means the salmon will be around medium rare, the higher the white drops on the piece of fish the more fully cooked it is.


  1. Salmon cooked straight out of the fridge cooks very unevenly, so it is best to get out of fridge what you are going to eat and sit it on the bench (around 10-20 minutes) to come up to room temperature before cooking.


  1. Salmon is best rested just like a steak. Rest half the time of cooking as a rough guideline. It continues to cook even after it is out of the pan or oven and be aware salmon cooks through very fast.
Head Chef – Hummingbird House