5 Tips To Stay On Track This Xmas

By December 13, 2016Health & Fitness

Don’t be too Silly this Silly season!

5 Tips to stay on track over the festive season

I am not here to lecture; I know that YOU know that you can have fun with your friends and family this festive season without the need to over indulge in poor food and alcohol choices. But I am here to ask you a question…why do so many of us still continue to do it!

Post festive season regret. It is real and we all go through it!

But why do we do this year after year? Is it a way to de-stress after a tough year? Probably. Is it because our friends and family pressure us into it? More than likely. Is it because your exercise decreases? Most definitely.

There are numerous contributing factors that lead to us to being a little (or a lot) too relaxed over the silly season. But it really doesn’t need to be that way!

How can you have fun; lots of fun; but stay on track over this crazy time of the year…

Introduction the P360 Top 5 Tips to Stay On Track this ‘Silly Season’:

  1. Keep exercising/moving – Most people have more time over the holiday season so why do we sit around watching the Netflix all day? This is a fantastic opportunity to schedule in more sessions and be accountable to your diary.
  2. Exercise in the Morning – Do your workouts in the morning, as there will be fewer interruptions. If you think you’re going to do a session you scheduled at lunch, chances are that you’ll never follow through as you have too many social engagements or just don’t feel up to it
  3. Layout your finger food/snacks on a plate – When you are at social occasions (which generally involve poor quality foods) be sure to add the snacks on a plate without consuming of them first. It’s a much easier to see how much food you have consumed if you can physically see it all laid out in front of you.
  4. Increase water consumption – Xmas in Australia can be extremely hot and humid so you must increase your water consumption. Also by adding more fluids you will be less likely to feel hungry and snack on poor quality foods.
  5. Have a Support Network – If you really want to maintain good levels of health over this period then associating yourself with friends and family who have the same goals, objectives and approach as you can serve great benefits. It’s common knowledge that humans who bound together and support each other produce far better results. Start thinking now who could be in your support network.

We promise you; if you stick to these simple tips you will still have an awesome time over the Christmas period – and not waist any of your hard work during the year!

How will you incorporate our five tips into your festive calendar?

Merry Xmas from the team at Perform360