Don’t be a 90%er

By October 30, 2017Health & Fitness

Lately, I am seeing so many of us fall within literally inches or seconds of completing a task. Finishing your plank 2 secs before your goal time, walking the last 50 meters of a 10 km run, doing 1 less rep then intended, allowing the momentum of the bike or rower to tick over the last calorie.

It begs the question, why is this? Is it because our thinking comprises of; task is basically completed? Close enough is good enough. I’m too exhausted. Or maybe you think, ‘That’ll do’.

Yes, I’m using examples of training and fitness here but think about the broader impact of always being a 90%er. What are you missing out on in other areas of your life by not giving your all – think about it in relation to your career, relationships with your family and friends?

Instead, how about thinking how lucky you are to have been able to do the 90% already – and that you GET to smash through the final 10%. This applies across all areas of your life.

That’ll Do, Won’t Do.

Does it make sense why we would do this? Many of us have the attitude, “that’ll do”. But it really won’t do if you want to live a full life. Do you have more to give? Or are you happy with mediocre and settling for less than you really know you’re capable of?

Let’s list a few examples to show the real impact of being a 90%er, where this “that’ll do” attitude just seems completely absurd.

  • Spending 12 months training for a marathon and stopping at the 40km mark on event day.
  • Taking 6 months to complete a 5000-piece puzzle and no worrying about the last 20 pieces.
  • Not bothering to add in the all-important references page/s to a massive assignment
  • Weeding your entire garden and leaving the last 3 visible weeds to grow.
  • Washing up the dishes but leaving the cutlery dirty
  • Washing the car and not cloth drying it

These seem crazy to think, right? But why is ok for most of us to think like this on “less important tasks”. Why do you believe it is ok to stop or even worse quit early?

This can be a little damaging to our overall outlook and approach to life. It’s something I’m working on myself as we are all not perfect. But as long as we try to recognise these thoughts and hopefully watch them come then go into our conscious mind which will give you more internal strength for next time we want to complete a task.

Complete the task

Our brains are more likely to remember uncompleted tasks, truth! And it’s has a name, the “Zeigarnik Effect”.

So, next time you want to quit, stop or tell yourself that “that’ll do”, think of how this could begin a spiral of negative thoughts and actions and the impact that will have on other important areas of your life.

Dig into your tank and pull through with as much as you’ve got and finish strong. Apply this to everything you do in your life – whether it’s at work, doing the laundry or working out.

Be your biggest fan. BE A 100%er

Instead use affirmations and positive self-talk and say them out load (seriously!), “I’m strong, I’m resilient, I’m determined” or “I will feel amazing in my nice clean shiny car” or “I’m so proud of myself for completing that 5000 piece puzzle”. Talk to yourself AS IF you have already completed the task.

Just think… if you could get to the end of each day and say ‘I gave it my all today, 100%, in everything I did’, imagine how rewarding that would be? If you can already confidently say that you do this – tell me, how does it feel?

Co – Founder Jason Clark