Embrace The DOMS

By January 23, 2018Health & Fitness

Embrace Your Muscle Soreness & Grow Stronger, Faster! 

If you’ve ever done intense exercise or you’ve just started, most of you will have experienced Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). It’s that feeling you get the next couple of days after training that makes it hard to sit, stand, walk or scratch your head. Sometimes it can last a whole week and even walking downstairs can feel challenging. 

Firstly, what is DOMS and is it good for me?

In basic terms… DOMS is when we have created little myofibril tears in our muscles during exercise. Which then inflame and gives you that achy feeling. Your body then works hard to repair this damage. This constant tear and repair as we train is what helps our body adapt to this stimulus thus we get stronger. So this pain is in theory beneficial for you and will aide in you getting stronger. 

I found this 2 minute video on YouTube that gets a little more sciency if you want to know a little more.


How can I recover quicker?

There is a long list of things you can do to help you recover quicker so you can get back training again but they aren’t always accessible to you. For example, Ice baths, massage, epsom salt baths, saunas and the list goes on. Its great if you have deep pockets or have access to all these things but for most of us it isn’t realistic.

Keep moving & Roll it out. 

You have a huge range of options readily available to you that can help. Getting moving is the best advice I can give you. Your body will stiffen and your muscles will become tight if you do nothing. So as hard as it sounds, get moving! Go for a walk, jog, bike ride, etc. As long as long as your body is moving.

Roll out using the roller. This is a good alternative to getting a massage that won’t cost you $$$. Pop the roller on where it hurts and get rolling. It will again help to get blood flow to the area and loosen up any stiff muscle tissue that has tightened up. Ask your coach if you’re unsure how to use it.

P360 sessions to mix into your recovery

Movement 360, Yoga and Stretch therapy are ideal classes to get into if you’re feeling the aftermath of strength training. Your body will start pumping blood around your body, giving your muscles the oxygen and nutrients it needs to repair. These classes will also help stretch and loosen up those tight muscles. 


Hope this helps,

Coach Alex – Perform 360