My BIGGEST takeaway after 7 years in the industry

By September 18, 2017Health & Fitness

I was thinking about this a while back. Ive been in this industry for 7 years now, and WHAT specifically has influenced my coaching development…..

Every aspect of training is becoming increasingly confusing with each day. There are guru’s in every corner, instafamous fitness models and “athletes” with supposedly the latest and greatest exercises, but at the end of the day here’s what they focus on….QUANTITY. They want to hit a large audience, with information for the masses, thats generic and mis leading. Over time, this has lead people to focus more of their training towards this exact training factor of trying to get MORE and MORE down with each session. As coaches we see it time and time again, injuries, or a very poor movement quality. The 1 thing they could have done to avoid any bad situation is prioritising ‘Quality’.

SO, let’s talk about what has lead to me priorities this over the years.


Im always talking to past, current and new clients, with so many having the same conversation in common…..”what about this person on instagram?”, “This person trains every day though..” or “I need to train more often”. These all arise from our age of “Information Overload”.

Let me break it down simply:

– if you never build a great foundation there will always be gaps that need to be filled

– everyone is individual

– we are all in different stages of development with all aspects of training

– lifestyles will always play a factor (most ‘cross fitters’ you see doing amazing things, or athletes always training are doing it full time…..never compare yourself because thats stupid and unrealistic)


After years of developing myself under the best coaches around the world they all have one thing in common. Quality first, foundations first, the INDIVIDUAL first. If the best in our industry push this why are we not seeing this incorporated. Stigma? Does everyone prioritise getting MORE done, believing that in return they will see greater results?


Over the 7 years I have coached a LOT of people…..and put simply the ones who have achieved the best results have the HIGHEST “Quality” training patterns. They come in and put effort in with great quality, they produce the greatest stimulus they can every session and recover with good quality recovery sessions. Science based, simple training, executed properly is the king of results. Always has been and always will be!


YES hard work is important, YES you will always need to do a little more and stress your body a little more…..BUT…..


If you want a result, prioritise QUALITY!


Coach Cal – Chief of Programming at Perform 360