My Kids Brought Out My Inner Superhero

By August 30, 2017Health & Fitness

“My kids gave me the most powerful moment of my life…”

Just the other day, I caught up with a member outside of the typical ‘gasping for air’ setting which is common post workout and actually had an in-depth conversation about a few important topics around training. One of the topics we spoke about and the one that stood out the most for me was how training can change your role model status with your kids.

It was a great ‘chin wag’ to say the very least and fair to say that this conversation struck a very powerful chord.

The biggest take home for me during our flowing conversation was that her three kids now saw and thought of their mum in a completely different light since she began her exercise regime.

She began to explain a particular scenario when all three of her children came to the gym with her. The intention was for the kids to sit quietly and do their homework in the gymnastics area whilst mum busted out a sensational session.

However, sitting quietly on this day was not an option for these star struck children. They were in awe of what their mum was doing and they couldn’t help but to cheer her on in support which ultimately gave her a huge boost.

I’m sure you could imagine how powerful this was for Mum and trumps any coach saying, “You can do it!”

“Having my kids support me during training was one of the proudest moments of my life!” she said. And to know that this was the first time they’d cheered for her, as opposed to the usual scenario of a mum cheering on her kids, was a truly humbling experience.  Even if you don’t have kids, you can appreciate how this moment would be a life changing one. At the very least, this moment has encouraged this particular mum to want to keep going.

To know her kids are proud of her is the epitome of motivation.

Everyone wins here… Not only is this mum motivated to continue with her training but she’s also setting an awesome example for her kids to follow. So, my question is this; what type of role model are you? And what type of role model do you want to be? Because whether you are aware of it or not, you are a role model to someone. So how do you want them to live their life? Remember, most kids don’t listen to what we tell them but they certainly do what they see.


Jason Clark – Co Founder of Perform 360