Opinions Are Just Opinions

By February 13, 2018Health & Fitness

This might change the way you train!

We are all chasing results. Everyone might be chasing something different, but in the gym everyone wants a result!

Now, the fitness industry is full of ‘OPINIONS’. Opinions that are very rarely backed up with sound research/evidence, it’s just there personal opinion. You really need to stay clear of these red flags because most of the time it’s leading down the wrong path.

Now what leads you down the right path to results is a science based, research driven training system. There is a proven foundation to training that you might not even be aware of, and you may or may not already be doing it…..


This is the frame of your foundations! This consistently builds on your ability to lift more loads and continue to stress the body into adaptation. Lifting a few extra kg’s each week, over time, will yield greater results than any other approach that incorporates random (the guessing game) loads over time.

Don’t just take this as my OPINION this is my sharing evidence based, proven methods that have stood the test of time and never fail!

Every KG counts!

Coach Cal