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Perform 360 is Brisbane’s leading functional performance facility. Based in Enoggera, on Brisbane’s north-side the facility offers a range of activities including Personal Training, Small Group Training, Group Classes, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Yoga. The team is led by Jason Clark & Brent Coglan whom together have over 30 years combined experience in the Health & Fitness Industry.

The Perform 360 Approach

Yoga, Movement & Gymnastics

Yoga, Movement & Gymnastics


The Perform 360 approach combines strength training, gymnastics, yoga & functional movement patterns into a holistic approach towards individual health & fitness goals.

What Others Say

What Others Say

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At Perform 360 we are a community driven training facility and believe in supporting every individual to achieve their health & fitness goals.

Performance & Strength Coaching

Performance & Strength Coaching


Just as we train our bodies to be physically strong, the mind also needs nurturing to work synergistically together to complete the balance between mind body mastery


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Battling Injuries?

Our team of experienced trainers can help rehabilitate your injuries and get you back on track with your health and fitness goals.

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