Perform 360 is Brisbane’s leading functional performance facility.

Based in Enoggera, on Brisbane’s north-side the facility offers a range of activities including Personal Training, Small Group Training, Group Classes, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Yoga.

The team is led by Jason Clark & Brent Coglan whom together have over 30 years combined experience in the Health & Fitness Industry.


Jason Clark

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jason Clark Co-Founder at P360 and my favourite food is Homemade beetroot and black bean burgers with a sneaky class of Red. When I’m not changing lives, and having a great time at P360 I love wrestle time with my two young boys and spending time in the garden (when I have a chance). My favourite movie is either The Fighter or White Men Can’t Jump because they both represent that even though your backs are up against the wall anything is possible.

I’ve been in the industry since 2000 as a young 21 yo and now I’m truly passionate about creating a holistic movement in terms of exercise and nutrition for better health and mindset.

I choose the fitness industry because health and fitness CAN solve SO MANY of today’s health and mental issues. Through exercise…the world can be a better place.

My greatest personal achievement was obviously marrying my beautiful wife and the birth of our two gorgeous boys. Form a business stand it was definitely opening P360 when our backs we’re truly up against the wall when a previous business were in liquidation.

My biggest goal in the future is to keep spreading a positive word on health and having an impact on thousands of lives while addressing the environmental concerns we’re facing today.

I’ve been training for 20yrs taking on many different styles over that time from natural bodybuilding to Stretch Therapy and movement based training and my strongest coaching skills are helping members and client find their true potential.

The reasons why you should look into training at P360 is because we are so unique and so innovated and I truly believe we have the answers for everything from results to mindset shift to community and to lifelong bonds. This is truly the recipe for longevity

Thanks for taking the time to listen and I’m super excited to meet you, get to know you and guide you to a better and healthier life.


Brent Coglan

Since starting my coaching career back in 2005 I am extremely passionate about athletic training and living the P360 way. The reason I have gone down this path is to perform and function at a high level you need to have an excellent level of mobility combined with strength and power. I also find coaching people this way provides an enormous benefit to their long-term health and physical wellbeing.
This has lead my on a path of constant education to develop and hone in my coaching skills, having learnt for some of the best coaches in the world.
I also promote a holistic nutritional approach, which is quite simple. Eat high quality lean organic meats and high quality organic fruits and vegetables and fats. This gives an abundance of energy so you can train as hard as possible and recover as quickly as possible, as well as a clear and focused mind. I have an outlook on life to be strong so you can be useful. You never know when you’re going to need strength or fitness in an emergency so you better be ready at all times.

Coach – Callum Maggs

So after 4 years in the industry my mission is clear….EDUCATION! After years at uni, spending weekends and years being mentored by the BEST coaches around the world its now a responsibility to share this with those who want to fully unlock their potential and train with the best. My passion started of wanting too train ATHLETES, but it’s now much bigger….and Brisbane will just be the beginning! Over my time I’ve worked in all aspects of the ‘Fitness’ industry, but nothing amounts to what we are doing here at P360. Get ready…we are about to make a big impact!

Coach – Soni Pukallus

Hi my name is Soni and my favourite food is any breakfast foods. When I’m not changing lives and having a great time at P360 I love to head down to the beach and get some vitamin D, have a swim and walk beside the ocean. My favourite movie is a French movie called The Intouchables because it helps me to believe that there is still humanity left in the world. It’s a great love story.
I’ve been in the industry since 2013 and am truly passionate about showing people how good it feels to move, feel strong and confident. I chose the fitness industry because I was drawn to it through my massage career. I loved understanding how the body worked, and I was great at fixing the body through manual massage, but I also wanted to be able to prevent injury and pain, and exercise is a great way to condition the body and reduce pain and injury.
My greatest personal achievement was heading to Las Vegas to represent Australia in a Body Building Competition where I placed 4th in Model America Championships in 2015. My biggest personal goal in the future is to start a family and my biggest fitness goal is to help to change the way women look at their body. Body Image is a massive issue these days.
I’ve been training for 11 yrs and have done everything from Les Mills aerobic classes, boxing, kettle bell training, bootcamps, functional training and Olympic Lifting. My strongest coaching skills are actually coaching, watching how the body moves and finding imbalances or weakness and helping to correct them.
The reasons why you should look into training at P360 is because we are the best facility in Brisbane for technique. All of our coaches are exceptional, knowledgable and are driven to improve the fitness industry.

Coach – Alex Low

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