New Year Revolutionist FREE ZONE!

By January 18, 2017Health & Fitness

P360 is a New Year Revolutionist FREE ZONE.  We don’t want New Year – we want ALL YEAR!

For those of you wondering; we start our 8 week challenge late in January rather than early January for a very good reason. To put it bluntly we don’t want any New Year Revolutionists.  You know the type – join a gym. Turn up for the first two weeks then we don’t see them again until next January.

New year resolutions (NYR) are proven to not work; with a recorded dismal statistic rate of 87% that give up before the end of January!

However I truly hope this is not offensive to those who made a health & fitness orientated NYR & pray you are one of the 13% who succeed. But looking back through history the chances are slim to seeing your NYR through.

Why do you think this is the case?

Possibly it is because you:

  • Made the goal in a negative mindset (i.e. hungover, sick, stressed, slightly depressed)
  • Made the goals too unattainable for the time frame you set?
  • Did your support network let you down?
  • Maybe you didn’t understand “why” it was important to you?
  • Or did your events & living situation changed?

In my opinion the only reason those that fail in achieving their NYR is because they didn’t ask themselves the above; they didn’t really understand – with a clear mindset – WHY they wanted to make that resolution and working out how to overcome obstacles that possibly “get in your way”.

And this is why we starts our 8 week challenge in late Jan.

We want you to have time to reflect – assess – and really understand what is important to you and how you will feel and benefit from a positive health change.

We don’t claim to be psychiatrists, phycologist, expert mindful coaches. We just give you the best tools to excel when you find out your “why”.

So if health & fitness rings high in priority we’ll happily provide the professional training/coaching, the expert nutrition information, enable you to experience cooking demonstrations, give education that lasts a lifetime, support you 100% of the way and start (or continue) health as a lifestyle and maintainable choice.

So let’s say “cheers” to longterm health.

Jason Clark – Co Founder at Perform 360