if it’s meant to be, then it’s up to me

By January 2, 2018Health & Fitness

Happy 2018! 

In this second installment of ‘Mindset Matters’, I’m asking something big of you. What better time to ask you to to take on a new challenge than at the beginning of a new year?!

Here it is: Take 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING you experience in your life.

This includes your:

  • Income, your health, your achievements, the results you produce, your friends, your debts, the quality of your relationships, your feelings
  • Family, bosses, friends, co workers, spouse/partner, weather, the economy
  • Lack of money or lack of education…

The only person that can control how you react and respond to these internal and external factors is YOU. If you take responsibility and realise you have created your current conditions, then it becomes clear that YOU can recreate them at will.

When things aren’t going quite as well as we’d hoped in our lives blaming others is a natural response. Brene Brown, a world renowned researcher on blame, shame and vulnerability says that “Blame is simply the discharging of discomfort and pain. It has an inverse relationship with accountability.” Wondering if you are a ‘blamer’? Watch this hilarious and to the point short video featuring Brene’s own experiences with blame.

Leave the blame game behind

What I propose is that you shift from the ‘blame’ game and make the bold decision to take control of EVERYTHING in your life with the mantra – ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to Me’.

Be tenacious and gritty and stick to your guns on this. If you missed the first in our blog series, it is relevant here, do have a quick read of it ‘Achievement is the privilege of the determined’

We all believe in you at P360.

Happy 2018.

Coach & Co-founder Jason Clark

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